Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fraser's Hill Trip - Preview

My college mates came up to Penang over the weekend and i was busy playing tour guide to update my blog, hehehe.

Anyway, here's the long awaited Fraser's Hill entry!

Why i love Fraser's Hill so much?

I was there with Jan and her extended family for the second time since year 2004.

Jan's aunt is a KL-based employee of this particular corporation which owns the bungalow we lived in for 3 days. The bungalow is sort of a holiday home for employees holding managerial position and above but they still have to pay a little sum for the food and stay.

There are a few beautiful bungalows from the British colonial era in Fraser's Hill but they are largely private properties owned by different companies and some owned by the Singaporean government.

You'll be surprised to see many Singapore-registered cars up there.

There's even a Singapore House, a bungalow for Singaporean visitors.

Let's take a look at our bungalow of 3 days :)

Are we still in Malaysia or UK????

cun rite???!! So homely....that's why i love!

The bungalows are not only beautiful, there's a huge garden with colourful flowers as well!

The impressive interior with a fire place!! SO ENGLISH!

Fraser's Hill is much cooler than Genting Highlands that we need to keep ourselves warm with fire!

See! I really know how to relax, hahaha.

Dine like an Englishman. Hohoho.

We eat like kings and queens in the bungalow k!

I tell you, the cook is multi-talented!

She can prepare original English breakfast and a superb Chinese dinner at the same time!

Walao ehhhh....i eat like a pig up there la. I miss the food so mucccchhhh!!

Our neighbouring bungalow owned by Singapore's Ministry of Finance.

See why i love Fraser's Hill?

There's more to come later.

Stay tuned, don't go away!!


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